A day in the “Changing Colors”

The Fall change of colors in the Aspens and Cottonwoods is another sight you won’t want to miss and usually is at their peak around the last week of September and first week of October. We love to hop in the car and spend a day “Cruising through Creede, the Aspens, the Cottonwoods, and Lake City”.  More details below…

After a delicious AppleLodge breakfast you can drive 40 minutes along the Rio Grande River to Creede.  Be on the lookout because the colors will be changing all around you.  Then you might park near the courthouse and walk up and down main street enjoying all the interesting shops and fantastic views in old mining town. Then you can drive the bachelor tour with mining ruins, beaver ponds, and mountain vistas galore.  Next it might be time for lunch at Kip’s Grill.  Then start driving Highway 149 toward Lake city. There will be many pullouts along the way where you can stop and take pictures. You will want to stop at North Clear Creek Falls, Rio Grande Reservoir Overlook and Lake San Cristobal overlook. If you didn’t eat earlier  in Creede you can eat great pizza at Poker Alice’s in Lake City, but either way you will want to save room for some ice cream at the Malt Shoppe at the town square. When your ready to continue you should turn around and go back the a same way you came.  If you still have time and energy you can eat dinner in Creede and then make it to the evening showing of the world class Creede Theatre. Plan to get home late this day but you will be filled up with excellent scenery, shopping, eating, and live theatre– a day you’ll never forget.

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